Wednesday, April 28, 2010

30 Days to Go!

With about 30 days to go before Idaho's Primary Election on May 25th, I am feeling very confident about the status of my campaign.  I am out visiting local residents and businesses and what I am hearing is helping to inspire this sense.  Business is picking up and peoples' faith in the economy is growing again.

Coupled with the tough decisions we made in the Legislature last year and this year, I know we have placed our great state in the best possible position to be a leader in a revived US economy.  Only this past week our neighboring state of Washington passed a series of tax hikes that will only serve to make that state less competitive and to penalize higher earners for being more productive.

In Idaho, I am pleased to have voted repeatedly to make government fit the size of the peoples budget and not forcing the people to pay more when they could least afford it.  Right-sizing government is a fact of life now.  The less government spends, the more money is in the pocket of the citizens.

I am hearing this daily on my campaign walks and I know the decisions I helped make in the Idaho Legislature puts me four-square in line with the voters in District 3.

It is a pleasure serving my friends and neighbors and I ask for your support once again on May 25th.  It is now possible to vote by mail, so if this interests you, please take the time to fill out the forms you may have received already from me in the mail.  More will be following, in case you missed them.

You can also download the form from my website, which I encourage you to visit:

See you on the campaign trail!

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