Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Campaigning for the Idaho Legislature

Some of my colleagues in the Idaho Senate don't particularly enjoy campaigning and while I am not one of those types, I do understand it. There are many (most) thoughtful people in the Idaho Legislature, particularly in the Senate and while they make excellent public servants, it isn't always easy to go door-to-door or mix it up against opponents.

I thrive on being in the arena, fighting for my core beliefs and those of my neighbors. There is a lot of anger out there in other states and I admit I would find it difficult to serve in state's where there is so little common-sense conservatism present.

All the states to our west all suffer from over-government/too much government. Here in Idaho, we have (I believe) mastered the art of limited government while providing the amount of government required to meet the exploding population growth the state continues to enjoy.

Idaho is not like our sister states directly to our east. While those states enjoy the benefit of coal and oil royalties (which Idaho sadly does not), those states have not seen the sort of population growth that Idaho has. Idaho has more than double the population of Montana and the about that again over Wyoming.

Idaho is a shining beacon to those who want to enjoy a unique quality of life, but also want to stay firmly rooted in a modern, hi-tech, 21st century economy. This is great for Idaho.

As I knock on doors and chat with voters, I am amazed at how little anger there is directed at Idaho's government. The voters appreciate the leadership of Governor Otter, whom I have worked closely with over many years.

They appreciate the Legislature not voting to raise taxes this session. This was the wrong time to raise taxes on families and businesses--we must make government fit the budget of the people and not the other way around!

The voters appreciate the common-sense conservative approach I know I have always taken in the Idaho Legislature. I am proud of my service and I am absolutely enjoying my time out on the campaign trail. Listening to the concerns of my neighbors is Job One.

If you would like to visit with me or get involved in my campaign, please visit my website: www.mike4idaho.com.

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