Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back Home and Hitting the Campaign Trail

It has been wonderful to be home from a relatively short legislative session. It was actually the second-shortest session of the past 10 years. This proves that the Legislature can actually get the People's business done in a very economical time-frame if it has the tools it requires from the start. This year, we knew exactly what we needed to do and so we got down to business right away.

It is now Election Season and I am excited to be hitting the campaign trail again. I really enjoy this part of being a legislator: You have the best opportunity to get out and speak to everyone and hear what is on the minds of your neighbors and local businesses.

I know through my long experience in this area of Idaho what the people expect from government: lowering taxes, cutting wasteful spending, keeping the corrupt ways of Washington DC away from Idaho.

Please come along and speak to me if you see me out downtown, in the supermarket or even if I am out walking our dogs.

I have my first debate on Thursday, April 7th and I am extremely excited to tell one and all of my continued efforts at making government more efficient and new efforts to create good paying jobs here in Idaho.

I ask for your support!

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