Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moving to Boise 2x a Year...and More...

Last session I began writing a blog for my website which tried to portray the other side of the time spent being a legislator. There are genuinely amusing and fun things that do somehow manage to take place in-between the very long hours of work. They help make the effort more worthwhile and when the session is over, it is times such as these that you usually prefer to remember.

One story I am sure I will look back on far more rosily than I do now or did three weeks ago was the epic annual task of moving Cynthia and I down to Boise. Most people move home rarely in life. Cynthia and I do it twice a year, every year—in a manner of speaking.

Since I have been in the Legislature, New Year’s Day has become much different than in years past. The first day of the year is now the day we start taking down the Christmas decorations. We try to get that done in one day. We must because the following days are spent packing all of the things we want to have with us in Boise. We then have to prepare to more or less close up our house in Hayden Lake.

Fortunately, we have for the past four years rented the same house to live in Boise. We were lucky enough to find a retired husband and wife who retreat to warmer climes during the ‘harsh’ winter months in our capital. I note that the temperature as I write this is currently 49F.

Anyway, on the morning of January 4th we were packed and ready for the almost interminable drive south. The SUV was filled to overflowing with our belongings and we were about to set off when the telephone rang. Our Boise landlords were calling to apologize, but due to unforeseen circumstances they would not be able to rent us their house for another two weeks. I could scarcely believe it.

We unpacked the SUV and reluctantly retreated to our house. I made a series of telephone calls and decided to rent a hotel room for the period required and a few days later we packed it all up again and set off; though it took some effort convincing Cynthia that staying in a tiny hotel room for two weeks was a good idea. In the end, the maid and room service did the trick.

Nonetheless, we still ended up unpacking and repacking everything twice more, all within what turned out to be somewhat less than two weeks. Here’s hoping we don’t have any flooding or problems with the furnace before the end of March rolls around…