Sunday, May 23, 2010

Throwing Mud in the District 3 Idaho Senate Legislature's Primary

I am proud of my record and tenure in the Idaho Legislature.  I feel I work very hard on issues that are important to the citizens of my district, as well as the people of Idaho.  Some of these issues are not popular with special interests groups and the elected officials who can be bought off by them.  I suppose this makes me particularly proud of my record, because I can't be bought off.  Illegal immigration is one issue I am proud to be "unpopular" about with my colleagues and with some lobbyists.  They often say, if you are not making enemies in politics, then you aren't working hard enough for the people who elected you.

But the mud-slinging that has been going on this past week by my enemies is different--all paid for not by my opponent, but by his organ-grinder Phil Hart has really disgusted me.  Phil Hart has taken the campaign contributions honest men and women have sent him and has spent it not fighting his own campaign, but to fund my opponent!

I received today a poisonous letter that was mailed, paid for by Hart for Legislature (as it admits itself) that was written by a discredited laughingstock who once served in the Idaho Senate.  In his letter he even admits to not even having met my opponent, but he nonetheless support his candidacy over mine.  Why?  He didn't like me while he was in office.

If it weren't so insulting to the voter, I would be the most insulted party.  I wonder if Betsy Russell of the Spokesman Review and John Miller of the Associated Press were mailed this letter?  Or was it meant to be sent only to voters in a dirty attempt to smear my name?

What has Rod Beck every done for the people of Idaho?  Unlike Rod Beck, I have never lost an election and judging from his vindictive personal letter it is easy to see why voters rejected him.  His manners are appalling and his relevance to any election in Idaho, particularly in northern Idaho, is and has been absolutely zero.  And he was so insincere in his desire to tell the people of District 3 his views about me, he wasn't even willing to spend his own money to send the letter.  Mercenary.  I wonder if he was paid to write it.

As for myself, I simply am campaigning on the issues:  fighting illegal immigration, fighting for the permanently injured police and firefighters who benefited from my hard work on the Kralicek Act in 2009.  I am very proud of my record and will stand on it.

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