Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rathdrum Chamber of Commerce event

This afternoon I was fortunate to be able to address local business leaders at Rathdrum's Chamber of Commerce.  Every free-market conservative has to enjoy visits such as these.  While Idaho's economy is still sluggish, meeting with these men and women you quickly learn from where the coming expansion will sprout. 

I enjoy listening to their suggestions and concerns.  It's important to listen to their ideas and opinions and one of the areas we broadly agreed and that was warmly supported was my position on the improvements to Highway 95.

Hwy 95 used to be known state-wide as the road with the most deaths and this situation was justifiably outrageous.  As we all know, money is tight, but our infrastructure cannot be ignored.  Maintaining and improving our state infrastructure is a fit and proper role of government.  Government must do certain items for all the people that which the people cannot do for themselves.  Roads and bridges comes to mind in this respect.

I will always support the GARVEE road funding program because it was the only way Highway 95 was ever going to be improved, in my opinion.

Northern Idahoans deserve safe roads.  Northern Idahoan businesses deserve efficient roads that allow their workers to get to and from work in a timely as well as safe fashion.  Northern Idahoan goods and services depend on the improvement of Highway 95.

I was immensely pleased with the broad support I received during my visit today with business leaders for this position I have taken and of which I will always be proud.  The use of GARVEE funding is a credit to the Idaho Legislature and to the men and women in the majority that voted for it.

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