Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Debate and Our Founding Fathers

I had a rousing day; not only preparing for the campaign trail, but engaging on it as well!

A noon debate with my opponent almost immediately became an American civics and history lesson that I and most others seemed to obviously understand.

Our Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom designed a system of government that the world has marvelled of for more than 200 years.

Except my opponent doesn't think this is such a good idea anymore. He is no doubt wiser than Jefferson, Adams, Franklin--perhaps even Washington?

It seems he doesn't like the Senate here in Idaho. He thinks the House is better. Does he not understand we have two bodies in our Legislature? I must believe he does?

But then why, one asks, does he run for the Senate? If he wants to serve in Idaho's House of Representatives (where he may or may not be eligible to run, as opposed to his own native state, where he is barred from serving in the Legislature this year), then why hasn't he sought the seat of the vacating Jim Clark?

Jim Clark should have considered him as a substitute, seeing as he missed over 150 votes during this past legislative session. Jim managed to have his picture taken with Governor Otter after the session was over, but he found it troublesome to do the People's business DURING the session. 150 votes is an appalling number of votes to miss, but this is a different story.

No matter, my opponent is adamant that the system of government our Founders devised for us is simply no good anymore. Let me be clear: this is Idaho. In Idaho we respect the wisdom of the Founders. We believe in the separation of the powers in government. We believe in two houses of a legislative body: the House of Representatives and the Senate. We believe in the rule of law. We believe the system of government the Great Men created for us is worth honoring.

I am proud to serve the people of Idaho, where I was born, in our state senate and I am sure my friends and neighbors believe in the wisdome of the Founders as well.

It was truly a good day here in northern Idaho. A great start to my campaign and a great civics and history lesson. I will be reading a selection from James Madison tonight.

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