Monday, April 19, 2010

My Primary Challenger Is Legally Unqualified to Oppose Me

My primary challenger has a lot of questions to answer, but I don't believe that he can.  He claims to be dedicated to Idaho and serving the Idahoan people in the Idaho Senate, but if he had been better liked, more respected or a harder campaigner, right now he would be living back home now in Montan and serving its citizens over there.

That's because my challenger ran for office in Montana in 2006 even though his voter registration says he's been living at the same address in Idaho since 2004.

Even though he was registered to vote in Idaho in 2006, he decided to go back to his native Montana and run for office again there, as a Commissioner of the Public Service Commission.  If he had won that race, he wouldn't be running for the Idaho State Senate right now; the term for that position is four years.  In fact, he may never have come back to Idaho again.

But he lost.

So now he's running for elected office in Idaho, except he never re-registered to vote in Idaho.  Idaho's laws are clear:  if you leave the state and register to vote someplace else, you lose your status as a Qualified Elector in Idaho.

If you aren't a Qualified Elector, then you can't run for elective office in Idaho.

So what does my opponent have to say?  He blames Montana for not telling Idaho he moved back.  He also blames Idaho for not making sure he re-registered because he said he told them all about it.

He said, she said.

It is only one person's fault for all of this:  my opponent.  I'm sure he would be rather running for RE-ELECTION today in Montana than running for the Republican Party nomination here in Idaho for our state Senate today.  Either way, he can't.  Like I said, he lost that election and he's not a registered voter here in Idaho.

I'm sure he's embarrassed by this and the additional information that will soon come out about this sorry matter, so in order to spare himself any further embarrassment, my opponent should do the honorable thing and withdraw his name from the ballot.

Let him spend some time here in Idaho and let him first get properly registered to vote and stop hiding behind excuses.  While he's at it he can explain why he decided to run back to home state of Montana and run for office there if what he really wanted was to serve the people of Idaho.

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