Monday, May 24, 2010

Remember to Vote Tomorrow--Endorsements from the NRA, Idaho Chooses Life and Kootenai County Republican Women

Voting is the greatest expression of freedom and the greatest duty that the people of America can have.  Groups of citizens gathering to offer their endorsements is also a welcome part of our political tradition.  I am so honored to have the endorsements of the National Rifle Association, Idaho Chooses Life and the Kootenai County Republican Women.  These are all well-respected important conservative groups and I hope the CDA Press, the Spokesman Review and Associated Press all take note and mention these facts.  If these help get more people out to vote, and for me, then this is even better news.

The advent of "Vote by Mail" has been an interesting development.  Without saying 'anything' is good if it helps more people to vote, I realize the importance of this new way to vote. 

We all have concerns about people voting who shouldn't--especially when they aren't showing up in person to have their signatures checked against the record.  I am pleased we enacted the Voter ID Act this year; people SHOULD have to prove who they are when they vote.

Still, the point of the blog post is to encourage everyone to vote.  We need a good and large representative sample at all elections, not just the people who are so very politically active.

Please remember to vote tomorrow and I humbly ask for your vote when you do.

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