Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Thoughts About Idaho Senate Mud-Slinging in District 3

Jeff Altus is a former legislator here in northern Idaho who served a very brief period of time.  He has written a vague but nasty letter about me and mailed it to local voters.  I will give Jeff one credit:  he had the decency to at least PAY for the letter to be sent out, as opposed to Rod Beck, who wrote another but refused to open his wallet in order to get it to the public.  Beck has no honor, but everyone who knows him in Boise knew that already.  Now the people of northern Idaho do too.  So much the better.

But Jeff's letter is hardly better.  It is filled with hearsay, rumor and just innuendo.  "I don't like Mike and I called A LOT of important people and THEY say they don't EITHER!"  What is this, Jeff?  Elementary school?  Grow up.  Name names if you are being honorable and truthful.  Your letter read like that of a teenager who couldn't get a job for the school newspaper.

I go to Boise each year and fight for the people of District 3.  I don't spread rumors.  My positions are well-recognized and I am thankful to have gained the endorsement of the Kootenai County Republican Women for doing so.  What groups are there in support of my opponent?  Only faded, blown-out former legislators who are living past fantasies of glory.

The Idaho Legislature is a place for serious people to argue serious issues.  This is who Mike Jorgenson is.  Some of these positions are difficult to take, particularly when your opponents bold-face LIE about them.  Such as the lie that Streamlined Sales Tax Project is a tax increase.  It is not.  It is a way for local retailers, owned by local men and women to get back on equal ground with out of state internet retailers that are killing local businesses.

But issues of TAX are very difficult for some people, especially Rep. Phil Hart.  Phil Hart has cheated and lied on his federal tax returns because he's an income tax 'objector' or 'protestor'.  If you don't pay for your fair share of taxes, you're a cheat.  No one likes paying taxes, but our schools and roads and state police depend on TAXES.  The secret is to make them as low as possible and as fair as possible.

But what would a federal tax evader with leins against his name know about fairness?  It's ok for me and you to pay taxes, and Phil Hart is quite happy about that. 

As for Jeff Altus, how about mailing out proof of what you're claiming to Betsy Russell or Mike Patrick at the CDA Press?  If not, you're signature says it all--Idaho House 1994-2000, i.e., former legislator now a loser, just like Jim Clark and possibly almost as soon, Phil Hart.