Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leaving my digs in Boise

Just before I was to move out of my rented accommodation for the remainder of the session I was in need of listening to a KBOI radio broadcast. While the home was nice, I was not really sure of how to operate the stereo. I don’t think it had the AM band, so instead of trying to figure it out and miss portion of the broadcast, I moved from one living room into the living room sized front seat of car.

I’ve become a real fan of Nate Shelman’s show on 670AM here in Boise; in fact, I’m told you can hear this station clear across Idaho. His show begins at 4PM Mountain and goes on until 7PM. He was interviewing a colleague in the House, Raul Labrador. Raul and I don’t see eye to eye on immigration and I was eager to hear his views.

I had budgeted my time very well, I could listen to the entire program, tidy myself up and then drive off downtown for a meeting at 7:15, sharp.

The interview and the subsequent callers made for riveting listening. The ending was almost like a crescendo and as it did end I slapped my hands on the wheel, gunned the ignition and…nothing. It didn’t even crank. To my immediate chagrin, I realized that I had been using the battery in this vehicle to power this stereo system and this car uses juice.

I had no option but to knock on neighbor’s doors until I could find one who had a battery charger. My plans were off.

Going back into the house, it gave me the moment I needed to consider my actions, following the actions of my four little dogs. My wife and I adore our dogs and we treat them as most people do, like children. I thought we were good parents too until I saw what ‘modifications’ the dogs had made to a recliner. In short, they had eaten much of the back of the recliner and were making short work of it too. Embarrassment in the extreme. It was easy to see this recliner was historic member of the family and its replacement would be no easy matter. And the damage was too great to simply blame on their cat…

I moved out the next day…

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